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Cashmere Sweater Cardigan Bathrobe ScarfDress jacket cap gloves trousers house suit stoleZipper Troyer Kaschmir V-Ausschnitt RundhalsZipper Troyer Cashmere V-neck Round neckline6-ply 8-ply 10-ply 12-ply Cardigan luxury

High quality Kashmir from Mongolia from the most valuable Kashmir breed in the world.

This kashmir enjoys the best reputation because the Kashmir goat is only exposed to temperature fluctuations from + 30 to -40 ° C, thereby increasing its very thick underfoot

This wool is spun to the finest yarn and used for Balldiri cashmere products

Only pure cashmere yarns are used - no accessories of other yarns

Here is different The chaff of the wheat:

- we do not use the top coat, but only the high quality underfill

- long fine fibers prevent the wool flaps from forming later

- the stitches are finely knitted and (The same as many other products where the manufacturer wants to save wool)

100% cashmere wool from Mongolia can be explained by the price.

Kashmir is very comfortable to wear and extremely soft

The cashmere wool is the finest wool product you can buy.

The product should be washed by hand at 30 degrees.

The best is a shampoo possibly. Also a wool care product.

So you have long-lasting fun with this high-quality product.

It can also be washed in the machine (Schongang) at 30 degrees The "handwork".

Balldiri 100% Cashmere Kaschmir Herren Strickjacke 2-fädig rot XXL WJQAOKBLG

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